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A little bit about me...


I remember visiting my grandparents as a child and looking through Grandad's photos, beautiful Scottish and English landscapes so real you could hear the wind. He'd tell me about his cameras and lenses and all the bits that went with them. Photography has been with me ever since.

My photographs range from street scenes to sweeping vistas, but what I really love is capturing people and their stories, one moment at a time.

I shoot weddings in a documentary style; elegant, timeless and full of light and love. I'll document your day as it happens so you can look back and enjoy the moments you missed, as well as the moments you made.

We'll keep the poses to a minimum and focus on beautiful portraits and natural candid photographs you'll cherish for years to come.

Telling your story is just as important in portrait work; whether it's an engagement, a family gathering, or a portrait of you because - well you don't need a reason - because you deserve a beautiful portrait...

I live in Norfolk with my wife and our two awesome kids and I love what I do...

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